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The primary mission of the Trivium Parent Service Association (TPSA) is to organize parent volunteers to help make the life and work of the school possible. Archway Trivium and Prep academies require practical help in carrying out its mission.

The TPSA is an association of independent parent committees. Each committee has a parent chair(s) and often an appointed staff liaison. The parent chair and liaison oversees the direction of the committee and jointly report to the Headmaster.

TPSA welcomes all parents and guardians.  We encourage you to find one or two committees within TPSA to volunteer your time and energy. Volunteer help is essential to creating a healthy social life for the children, to meet the needs of classroom teachers, and to raise money for various programs of the school, and to help with the daily operations such as assisting at lunch time.

Please visit the pages of this website to learn more specific details about all our committees and come back frequently to check on updated news and events.